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About Who we are

Brothers Technical Services Llc truly represents two brothers, Rob and Derek Vaughn. Our paths have run parallel yet in different trades. We have been working in our respective trades for twenty plus years here in Brevard County. Rob’s chosen field has been in the business of Air conditioning and appliance repair. He is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable appliance, refrigeration, and air conditioning tech that I know. He has been developing his trade skills since his high school days. His troubleshooting and technical abilities are quite remarkable.

My chosen field for the past twenty plus years has been Electrical. I started in the trade in late 1993. I started in the conventional way as a “ditch digger” with a rather aggressive approach to advancement. As soon as I was eligible for the journeyman exam, done… the same came to fruition with my master’s license and on to obtaining my electrical contractors license in 2001. I’ve worked everything from residential to commercial and industrial. And I consider myself an extremely knowledgeable and competent electrician, especially as an expert troubleshooter


What we do

Brothers Technical Services Llc is a family owned, family operated business in the Brevard County area. We are a full service electrical contractor as well as appliance servicer. We are also in the process of obtaining our state of Florida Certified Air conditioning contractor’s license. We anticipate adding it to our repertoire of services soon. We want to be your source for all of your electrical, refrigeration, and any issues you may have with any of your home or commercial appliances. Our objective to provide you, our customer, a relatively one stop source for your residential and commercial servicing needs. We are on a path to revolutionize the industry of maintenance for your home and / or business with the concept we call “O&M for your Home and business.” Every time you need require a service, you have to do your research of the companies you allow into your home. How many companies could you potentially need, a switch burns up, you’re a/c decides to break in the heat of the summer, uh-oh, your refrigerator stops cooling.…. One company – Brothers Technical Services Llc – will respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively. It is our system of operation that provides you, our customer, a source of multiple services from a servicer you can depend on.

We appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to provide you an excellent experience in what can often be unpleasant. The equation is rather simple to us, when you experience a problem, your expectation is to make a phone call to a competent servicer and have peace of mind that the problem will be resolved in a timely manner. Our goal is to fulfill that expectation in a professional and hassle-free way. Our view is that beginning with the initial contact, we feel a sense of responsibility to you and your home and / or business. You are now our customer, and that alone demands the best we can offer. The reason why is obvious, we want you as a customer for life.


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